Business Process Management and Operations Optimization

Challenger Stone partners with clients to determine their operational inefficiencies and take the steps needed to improve and optimize their most crucial processes. Our business process management and operations management expertise support best-ofbreed companies achieve and sustain a world-class operations to successfully compete in today’s markets and in the future. Our process improvement initiatives deliver lasting results, and help reaching ambitious performance targets. Our services include:

  • Determining and implement operational strategies
  • Applying Lean and Six Sigma methodologies
  • Assessing, engineering and stabilizing mission-critical processes
  • Defining and implementing goals and metrics for operational performance excellence
  • Assessing, designing and implementing supply chains and strategic sourcing solutions

Our time-tested process improvement methodologies — including DoD, Process Mining, Lean, Six Sigma, Workflow Analysis, and Theory of Constraints — ensure that our clients achieve their process optimization goals by:

  • Performing an operational assessment and redesign
  • Leading a process improvement project
  • Providing process improvement program design and implementation
  • Partnering with clients to provide process improvement training and coaching
  • Serving as an interim process improvement program director

Business process management and process mining solutions

Business processes are the lifeblood of modern enterprises. Our Business Process Management solutions create new, flexible applications that orchestrate specific critical business processes that span work group boundaries and multiple back-office systems. We have redraw the boundaries between Business and IT roles in process definition and implementation: with our solutions, business process managers can compose model-driven process-oriented applications without IT support. By reducing the technical skill competences required to define, change, and understand a process, business management can now participate more fully in assessing and specifying the exact behavior of all processes at the foundation of their companies’ operations, dramatically improving productivity and results.

Challenger Stone’s BPM solutions integrate, link and aggregate together in a single combined process model all aspects of a process’ design, implementation, run-time state of in-flight instances, and historical performance measures. The entire process definition is implemented graphically in an unified development, analysis and reporting environment

Process managers can view and control real-time performance and KPIs using web-based scoreboards, and process analysts can visualize performance trends and optimize process bottlenecks using process heat maps and graphical reports in our unified environment.

BPM / DPM Benefits+

  • Design, automate, manage, control, and effectively execute and improve your most complex processes
  • Optimize the performance of end-to-end business processes that span functions, as well as processes that might extend beyond the enterprise to include partners, suppliers and customers
  • Make the business process visible (and thus explicit) to business and IT constituents through business process modeling, monitoring and optimization
  • Keep the business process model in sync with process execution
  • Empower business users and analysts to manipulate a business process model to modify instances of the process
  • Enable rapid iteration of processes and underlying systems for continuous process improvement and optimization
  • Integrate and orchestrate processes spanning multiple applications and operations; focus on analytics and process management methodologies (Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management) for continuous performance improvement

Achieving operational excellence through process management Challenger Stone's 4Ds paradigm for digital transformation +

Discover and Analyze Processes

  • Define a clear mission and path –to-value
  • Data analysis is at the core of digital transformation: use solution analytics to solve your most significant challenges
  • Transform access, blend, and enrich data from your critical sources to derive meaningful, purposeful business intelligence

Design and Develop Products and Systems

  • Define a clear solution roadmap
  • Use structured portfolio, program and project management methodologies

Deliver Solutions

  • Activate technology partner and innovation thinker ecosystem to scale up
  • Acquire capabilities to delivering in the global markets enabled by best-of-breed digital platforms

Direct / Manage / Improve Operations

  • Manage risk and compliance of programs and operations
  • Develop and activate data-drivenprocesses to leverage analytics to unlock business opportunities
  • Embrace a data-driven decision approach and culture to develop advanced business process management capabilities
  • Sustain operational excellence