Financial Consulting Services

Mergers, acquisitions, divestment analysis and valuation services:

Valuation services are not purely numerical exercises. They give investment managers confidence in the way they Select their investments, and help identify value gaps and clarify the logic behind asset allocations.

Our Valuation Services include:

  • Valuation Frameworks
  • Analytical Modeling
  • Performance Plan Analysis

Financial restructuring and project finance:

Challenger Stone’s consultants provide corporate finance and project financing Transactions advisory services. With the global economy facing a long-term crisis and high-uncertainty, a clear focus on sound financial logic, on business fundamentals and on real-economy deals represents today’s foundation of financial institutions and companies’ growth plans.

Challenger Stone helps professional investors to make the most out of global project financing opportunities. We bridge outstanding, bankable business opportunities to active financial sponsors, professional investors and investment banks looking for alternative, high-yield financing.

We actively collaborate with all key players in the project finance industry ― from investors to business developers ― providing our clients with trusted, one-stop, turnkey services supporting the transaction process from inception to completion.

Analyzing markets and investment opportunities:

Challenger Stone works with decision makers at ambitious investment companies and financial institutions to optimize their portfolios and improve their competitiveness. We assist our clients develop comprehensive business plans, determine capital requirements based on the funding requirements of the growth plan and corporate finance strategy, and secure attractive growth capital for entrepreneurs and management. Our clients are high-potential, fast-growing businesses held back by limited capital. We closely measure the micro and macro trends in order to defi ne any investment opportunities.

Our solutions for investment firms include:-

  • Macro trends and drivers analysis
  • Industry & sector analysis and reporting
  • Competitor profiling, benchmarking, and positioning
  • Market dimensioning and segmentation