Management Consulting Services

Today competition is fast, global, and knowledge-intensive. Institutions and firms worldwide must turn information complexity into strategic clarity, and take relevant, fact-based decisions
faster than ever ― so that they can systematically uncover and exploit opportunities to propel growth and create value in turbulent markets and across business cycles.

Challenger Stone supports firms and governmental institutions analyze and manage today’s large data and complex information, turn them into effective, evidence-based decisions, and gain clarity about the fundamentals of their performance.

The essence of what we deliver

Our team strives mightily to meet the demanding expectations of a rapidly evolving business world, and provides strategy and finance trainings and workshops, and leading-edge analytic modeling, analysis, reporting and forecasting solutions. Challenger Stone makes available the professional competences to explore past results, assess present performance, evaluate market opportunities, and keep strategic initiatives and business performance under control.

With our support mission-driven organizations can plan, budget and forecast with confidence, strong of information-grounded insights about economic, industry, and market trends.

Strategy & Finance workshops +

Companies and institutions are defined by the choices that they make and the initiatives they commit on and drive. Challenger Stones workshops represent a unique nexus of strategy and analytical tools in action, where executives acquire the confidence, knowledge and maturity to make better, wiser choices.

Challenger Stone works closely with managers to examine with their strategy frameworks the tectonic shifts taking place in their industries, and demonstrates how to use business analytics to recognize the forces transforming their markets.

When needed, our team can support in the development of competitive intelligence and bespoke analytical solutions based on extensive domain experience and proven methodologies.

Our workshops generate more fundamental understanding of today’s key industries, and deep insights into the factors that drive sustainable competitive advantage and value creation.

Strategy Planning and Strategy Execution+

Organizations that execute investment strategy well clearly defi ne their plans and then align their key leadership and organizational processes for eff ective implementation. We help investment executives view strategy execution as a key step in reaching world-class results. The strategy execution program should then serve as a roadmap or compass to guide strategy implementation and even daily operations.

Our strategy execution services include

  • Benchmarking services. To understand performance with respect to world reference companies
  • Powerful fi nancial insights and dynamic processes. To identify and leverage the emerging opportunities as the world's economic regions are growing closer together at a faster pace than ever
  • Real-time market outlook

We make performance transparent+

The turbulence in today's business marketplace demands leaders and managers to have an immediate and clear line of sight into fi nancial and investment performance.

Our methodology incorporates a number of effective tools and processes that enhance managers´ capabilities to identify and achieve near to full term potential of the business and enable companies to achieve greater levels of connectedness.

How Our Approach Works+

Challenger Stone Management Consultants have a unique approach to performance management. We believe in maximizing performance through a model that is agile and consistent.

  • We define an explicit framework that describes how market, structural and managerially controllable factors affect performance in the business.
  • Test the defined explicit framework through systematic, accurately collected supporting data.
  • Statistical analysis, internal and external benchmarking, modeling and simulation — to verify and refine every element of the framework to show how operational factors connect to financial results.
  • Continuous adaptation of the framework — as business conditions evolve and better data and testing mechanisms become available.
  • The Balanced Scorecard, a performance and accounting system that extends management reporting beyond a narrow, financial focus while avoiding the common pitfalls of an ad hoc measures approach.

Performance Management is at the heart of organization’s behavior+

The framework is upgraded as the business evolves — and its information communicated to all levels of management. Among its attributes is the capturing of knowledge across a company´s business units, which enables managers to emulate the successes of the best performers.

Challenger Stone has the skills and experience to support top management with:

  • Decision support tools to help managers prioritize needs, evaluate potential courses of action and assess the impact of operating decisions on financial performance.
  • Sharing best practices and assessment of their potential value across the business.
  • Focused monitoring and reporting to evaluate decision–making effectiveness and foster adjustment to changing conditions or assumptions.


  • Higher earnings and cash flow based on a better understanding of the most important key metrics.
  • Higher financial targets for subsequent years.
  • More effective utilization of the organization´s physical and human resources.
  • More rapid response to changing market conditions and operating performance.
  • Add deeper and more actionable understanding of business performance based on advanced analytics.
  • Improve consistency and timeliness of decisions.