Project Management and Software Development Services

When clients outsource software development tasks to Challenger Stone, we take the role of Project Owner for the assigned product and full responsibility for all key tasks:

  • Connect geographically-distributed teams and share mission, vision, and goals to build a truly collaborative, cloud-based workspace
  • Manage project and get organized on JIRA
  • Define, review and approve work
  • Assign responsibilities and define accountability
  • Manage Sprints to stay on track and hit deadlines
  • Define test plan to guarantee quality
  • Design and build exceptional user experiences, for the team-at-work, our clients, and for the end-users
  • Coordinate teamwork to reach goals and milestones
  • Organize all detail of planned work
  • Keep track of tasks and changes to monitor success metrics
  • Prevent data scattering and chaos

Challenger Stone has one main metric to assess success: results. The clarity, transparency, focus and collaborative spirit we bring in every project ensures cross-team collaboration, produce great code and generates tangible business results.

Our competitive advantage

We have a long experience in managing technical teams across cultures and continents. Our scalable approach and our ability to forge smart and agile connections enable impeccable project and strategy execution. Using JIRA helps us and our clients align actions to a single, consistent, centralized view of the project, clarify accountabilities and tasks, improve engagement, speed execution up, align strategy, and prioritize tasks, resources, work, and goals.