Managed Enterprise Cybersecurity Services — Identify, Understand, Stop and respond to cyber-threats

Governments, airlines, banks, financial institutions, port authorities, insurance companies, national defense sectors all need reliable cybersecurity managed services to operate in today’s digital world. And, ss cyber threats evolve and become more sophisticated, business leaders recognize they can’t manage the challenge alone. Challenger Stone’s managed cyber security services will safeguard your organization from malicious and accidental threats and vulnerabilities. Our Cyber Security team combines endpoint detection and response with bleeding-edge antivirus and expert monitoring and response. We can efficiently and effectively minimize the risk of cyber attacks, and prevent unauthorized access to the personal and business information stored on your company network.

Our full managed service is based on multiple layers, both hardware and software, of protection across all corporate devices, programs, networks and systems, to provide advanced detection, incident response and recovery against emerging cyber security vulnerabilities and threats. We offer the following service on a global scale. :

  • Security threat analysis services tackling cyber attacks: assisting businesses and institutions with assessing, building and managing their cybersecurity capabilities, and enabling effective incident response.
  • Incident response and recovery: Fast, thorough and decisive Cyber Incident Response Management
  • Effective Threat Management, for the times when prevention fails, and clients need cyber security notifications and actions.
  • Defence and detection: Dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC), managing Monitoring and Incident Detection, Vulnerability Management, Investigating Incidents and Implementing Remediation, Vulnerability Management and Threat Intelligence, Elaborating and Managing Incident Response Program.

Building value through world-class cybersecurity services.

Flexible cybersecurity Outsourcing Models, Managed Services, and Penetration Testing as a Service for institutions and enterprises: define, organize, and manage cybersecurity strategy and operations

Challenger Stone is the strategic IT cybersecurity outsourcing partner for companies and institutions active in cloud-based, digitally-powered sectors. In today’s times of rapid market shifts and technology advancements, cybersecurity outsourcing is the proven business strategy that helps companies tackle productivity and profitability issues. From hands-on technical management to high performing engineering teams, we make available the right cybersecurity resources to work on and deliver our clients’ critical projects.

With our support, clients can reduce cybersecurity efforts, lower costs, achieve greater efficiency, and advance their IT initiatives and digital transformation programs towards key technical, strategic and financial milestones.

If you are an fast-growing company set to make your mark in the global markets, or an institution whose operations are strategically crucial, the Challenger Stone team would like to learn more about your cybersecurity needs and challenges, and partner as your managed service provider and cybersecurity competence center. We can help you securely bring reliable, dependable competitive and innovative products and services to the global markets, and generate sustained grow. Challenger Stone provides:

  • Targeted, strategic support at every stage of the managed cybersecurity services lifecycle
  • Cross-functional expertise to provide cost-and time-effective cybersecurity management services
  • Cybersecurity solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies and compliant with international standards and best practice
  • Comprehensive support during all phases of the managed cybersecurity outsourcing Process

Benefits for our clients+

  • Work with flexible teams that meet security objectives and drive business results. Seamlessly access cybersecurity expertise across technical and business roles to build reliable, dependable, secure products and services that make waves.
  • Become more reliable, adaptable, scalable and secure, and keep up with the latest programming languages and frameworks.
  • Access fully-customized managed cybersecurity outsourcing engagement and delivery plan designed around your business goals and KPIs to speed up projects’ release cycles and bring products to life sooner.
  • Cut costs and improve resource allocation efficiency to boost productivity

Cyber Risk Services+

The range of areas we cover includes:

  • Cyber Security Management, Resilience and Preparedness
  • Application Integrity
  • Data Privacy and Compliance
  • Information Protection

Managed, Reactive , Proactive or Resilient: we provide the cyber security posture matching the cyber security service level you need.+

Preventive – Endpoint protection, advanced security event monitoring Establishing effective controls around organizations’ most sensitive assets.

  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Application Protection
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Information Privacy and Protection

Active – Continuous Risk Monitoring, cyber threat management and incident response Provides proactive and reactive incident management processes and technologies to rapidly adapt and respond to cyber disruptions whether from internal or external forces.

  • Cyber Risk Analytics
  • Managed Security Operation Center
  • Advanced Threat Readiness and Preparation
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence and Analysis

Predictive – Advanced Threat Protection, threat analytics Integrates threat data, IT data and business data to provide cybersecurity teams with context-rich intelligence to proactively detect and manage cyber threats, and effectively and rapidly respond to cyber incidents and attacks.

  • Cyber Wargaming
  • Cyber Incident Response

Adaptive - (pentesting) –
Providing Penetration Testing as a Service
Challenger Stone makes available to global clients an expert penetration testing team available for parsing real-time vulnerability reports, assisting with remediation, and keeping clients always operative and compliant.